Amazing lifestyle photo shoot in Paris with Nadia

Nadia is a 20 years old polish girl and she came to Paris for the first time, for a weekend. I was the lucky paris photographer she chose to make her lifestyle photo shoot in Paris. I say I am lucky cause it was so pleasant to work with her! She is beautiful, confident and she loved to play with my lenses!nadia-in-paris-0029

Because it was her first time in the city of love, she trusted in me and accepted all my suggestions about locations. We started at 9 am at the Opera Garnier. The weather was quite dark and cold, but she was really brave and never complained! She came in a nice blue dress, that gave some extra colour to our images. Very quickly we understood that our photo session in Paris would be very funny! We felt good together! 🙂

sessao de fotos em paris

After one hour left in Opera, we took the metro till our next location: Île Saint Louis. How I love this area! Definitely the most stunning and authentic place for some lifestyle pictures. She changed to a huge beautiful red dress and a black cape. On our way there, she just bought a very typical french painter hat. PERFECT! She was amazing and we took some vintage spirit images near the bridges, the Seine, with the Notre Dame Cathedral in the background. The good thing about this bad weather is that nobody comes out!

Nadia and me, we had all this scenario only for us! nadia-in-paris-0205sessao fotografica em paris

paris photographernadia-in-paris-0307nadia-in-paris-0312

Nadia is very used to pose and she loves to do it! She’s actually the owner of a very well reputed youtube channel in Poland. That’s one of the reasons that makes her look so confident and natural.

We were quite lucky and when shooting in Quai d’Orléans, there was a lady walking with her dog, Bobby. We couldn’t resist and asked her to let us take some pictures with the cute puppy. She accepted!! 🙂  Yay!! We were so happy!

Nadia chose the Oh la la Paris package: Three hours shooting, in three locations. So she came with three different looks. I just loved them all.

For our last location, Eiffel Tower, of course, she kept the amazing painter french hat and appeared in a violet velvet dress! Perfect to a perfect end!


But what I have not told you yet, is that Nadia’s boyfriend, Alex, was with us. Even if actually he doesn’t like to appear in pictures, he accepted to take some romantic clichés with the Eiffel Tower in background!

He did it with love and he did it so good. They look absolutely beautiful together. Like a cinema couple. Check it out! I have no more words to describe it. I am in love with those images.



It is hard to pick a favourite image. I really think they are all special and I am happy that we were able to capture the truly Nadia. But, as you know I am a photographer of love. So if you ask me to pick only one, I choose this black’n white cinema vintage nose kiss, with Eiffel Tower in the background.

I hope this lifestyle photo shoot in Paris with Nadia will inspire you all who wants to have beautiful photos. I can’t wait to meet you and help with it! 😉


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